Top Features to Consider for Shipping Software

Among some of the more valuable features shipping software includes are, Automated tagging Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo. With this tool, you can separate shipments into categories. Other data your system gathers about these categories can inform your future strategy through historical information.

Branded and customized labels. While arguably a marketing tactic more than a shipping need, branding and customization are important features to consider. When customers see branding on shipped goods, they may view your company as more established and trustworthy, leading to a strong customer relationship.

Bulk printing. Depending on the size of your operation, you may save yourself lots of time if your shipping software allows you to simultaneously print hundreds of shipping labels and packing slips.

Discounted shipping rates. Most shipping software services give discounted shipping rates, so what you spend each month for the software may be offset by the discounts you receive.

Mobile apps. Many shipping software options include a mobile app, so you can tap into your software from smartphones and tablets.

Product returns. Some customers may return their purchases. That’s why return policies are important, and with shipping software that facilitates your customers’ return shipping, adhering to these policies becomes much easier.

Reporting and analytics. Shipping software provides reporting and analytics tools that allow you to identify shipping trends such as rates, frequent customers, and more. The insights you gain from shipping software can help you save money.

Third-party integrations. Ample third-party integrations are key to shipping orders on time, error-free, while also informing other areas of your business (e.g., accounting.) you want it to do.