Wolf says mitigation decision coming ‘soon’ as cases rise in Pennsylvania

Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday said the state would make a decision soon on whether to add more restrictions and renewed their appeals to Pennsylvania residents to stay home, avoid gatherings outside the household and wear a mask, saying the record number of cases in recent weeks is pushing hospitals near the brink judi online.

“If we don’t slow the spread of this dangerous virus now, if we don’t do this, the reality is Covid-19 will overwhelm our hospitals, overwhelm our health care system. … That is dangerous for anyone who requires medical care or a hospital,” Wolf said during a news conference Monday afternoon.

He said a decision about whether to do more restrictions would be made after state officials look at the data.

“We’ll be making that decision in the next few days,” he said. “We are looking at all kinds of things. The hope was that what we did a week and a half, two weeks ago was going to work and the numbers would not rise to the alarming levels that they have risen to. We are looking at all sorts of issues right now and very shortly we will come back with decisions.”

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine on Monday said many hospitals in Pennsylvania either have no intensive care unit beds or very few remaining right now.

“This is a significant challenge for our health care system in Pennsylvania and actually one that our health care system has never faced before,” Levine said.

Wolf stressed that this impacts not only Covid patients, but also all people needing emergency care.

“(As hospitals get overwhelmed), people who might have survived serious issues will die,” he said. “It will affect all aspects of emergency care.”